Tuesday, June 28, 2016

American River Classic 50, 2016

Beautiful Day April 30, 2016
This is one of the most beautiful AERC races that I have rode.  It starts next to Folsom Lake, near Sacramento, CA. and ends at the fairgrounds at Auburn.  This is the first time that I have rode this ride.  It is now on mylist to do each year if possible.  I signed up for the Pioneer division, which means that you do not use any crew, including volunteers.  The only assistance that riders receive is if they need to use the rest room.  
Photo credit Baylor/Gore (I think)  Otherwise, Kumba.
The first section is next to the American River.  The weather was perfect.  It had rained the evening before (with a very exciting lightning storm!), and the trail was great.  Extremely beautiful, with green grass and wildflowers.

 Photo credit Baylor/Gore
Crossing the American River at No Hands Bridge for the second and final loop.
Second loop near Cool, CA. 
 Our camp site after the competition at the Auburn Fairgrounds.
The only thing that is a little funky IMO, is that there is no awards ceremony at the end.  Since most people live around there, they go back home after the ride.  So, once you vet through at the end you go and pick up your ride prize and that's it.  We stayed the night since it is 5 hour drive for us.  The ride prize is a very nice handmade mug. 
On 6/17/16, I left for a two day AERC ride/race, the Wild West Pioneer, which I will write and post next.  I received this lovely award in the mail that same day.



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